ATF Moving Averages

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Moving Averages (Simple, Exponential, Weighted, etc.) on a user-definable timeframe, separate from the current chart timeframe.  One script allows up to five different moving averages for easy comparison of multiple averages across varying timeframes.

An extremely common source of frustration for technical traders is the inability to effortlessly switch between analysis on different timeframes.  On nearly every position, juggling between short-, medium-, and long-term charts is exhausting — especially when it’s merely to check a single indicator on a longer timeframe.  With Alternate Timeframe (ATF) indicators, traders can assign up to five individual timeframes to the indicator totally independent of the chart timeframe being shown.

Ever wanted to display the daily moving average on a 15min chart?  Or an hourly moving average across your intraday scalp (1min, 5min) charts as a longer-term reference point?  Or both at the same time?  Well — now’s your chance! Includes options for user-defined scans and a custom watchlist column for easy review across hundreds of tickers.

All colors are completely customizable.  Must be set to a timeframe at or higher than the current chart timeframe.